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    Top 5 Evergreen Salwar Suit Styles for 2020

    Every woman wants to dress well and look her best when she exits her home. Most Indian women feel at utmost comfort in a Salwar Suit, be it work, parties or even just visiting the market.  The salwar suit is one of the ethnic attires of some of our Asian countries. Indian Traditional wear for women is incomplete without Salwar Suits. Women love to add favourite designs to their salwar suit collection from trendy designs by prominent designers or then shop online for casual ones to wear daily. Evolving of the Salwar Suits Over the years this popular piece of clothing has evolved dramatically. Women wore ‘salwars’ or ‘patialas’ with…

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    Celebrate Good Times with a Portrait Painting

    Portrait Painting – Gifting option for Festive Season Portrait Painting – The festive season is close at hand and so is the pressure to handle all the official and unofficial obligations that come with it. Gifting is one such mandatory tradition of the festive season. There is a glint of hope and excitement in every eye right from your 2-year-old to the eldest member of the family. Well, gifts are a great source of happiness and certainly, one of the best ways to put a smile on someone’s face but choosing an appropriate gift can be a really tough task. It should ideally be something classy and most importantly something…

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    Skin and Body Nourishment with BFF Skincare and Fragrances

    Hello to all my beautiful BFFs Whatsup? Its been quite a while since I last wrote a beauty post. So I thought it would be a good time to review and bring to you a range of beauty and personal care products for the beautiful woman who wants the best – BFF Skincare and Fragrances range. With each passing year our skin ages and loses its elasticity. We face problems of age spots, dull skin and wrinkles. I know this feeling is a nightmare to any woman, right ?? but, hey ladies, worry not. Here comes the rescuer. I checked out four of the BFF products recently and let me share…

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    Confessions of a Selfie lover

    Confessions of a Selfie lover Judge me not, coz I am a Selfie lover, Its all about experiencing the happy me – Sweetannu I have been clicking photographs of myself since the inception of the smartphone. This primarily began to change my Facebook Profile picture. In fact I would take a Selfie but not let it look like its taken by me. Taking a Selfie has added a new dimension with social media users who have passion about photography. Nowadays even a 3 year old toddler asks to take a selfie with you. Instantly breaks into a pout or smile when the smartphone is positioned in front of him/her. My…

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    Importance of rings in marriage

    What is a Wedding Ring? “Marriages are like fingerprints; each one is different and each one is beautiful.” -Maggie Reyes Such a beautiful quote. I strongly believe it’s up to each individual to make or break a marriage. A spouse should be a friend first with whom you can share your deepest feelings and secrets. Couples who trust each other without fear of judgment. I feel truly blessed to have completed 32 years in the institution of marriage on April 25, 2018. Not realizing what to expect but thanks to Ahura Mazda, life was beautiful with all its ups and downs to date. Back then on our marriage day, we…

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    Easy hair braids styles in the Fashion World

    Easy hair braids styles in the Fashion World Every Girl would love to carry easy hair braids styles with flair. My love for braids dates back to my school days. Hair Braids had been a part of the uniform we wore in school, with a black ribbon at the end. Even today we see a huge number of Hollywood and Bollywood actresses carry off easy hair braids styles to look gorgeous.   They will be here forever and will never go out of fashion. Hair Braids offer variety and individuality to the person who sports it.  There’s an easy hairstyle for each one of you, so easy to maintain each…