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Get beautiful with Iraya Products

Iraya Products Review

Lets Review Iraya Products. The onset of November brings in the Winter. My dry skin during winter thirsts for some moisturizers and TLC-tender loving care. I am always on the lookout to try some new products and share my experiences with others. It was delightful to receive a package of beauty and bath products from

I was very impressed with the packaging as the products came fitted in a sturdy cardboard box and did not spill or move while in transport. The gift box contained:-

1.Wild Flower- Nourishing body lotion
2. Grape & green apple- Shower Gel
3. Orange & Green tea- scrub
4.Seakelp Soap

More About Iraya Products

Iraya first started in1980. This Brand has the true secret of beauty lies in energizing the soul. Iraya in Sanskrit means from the earth was born out of Ayurveda. They are led by a team of dedicated professionals and is the culmination of ancient Indian knowledge and advanced international expertise. Enriching recipes for flawless skin, ageless beauty, health, and longevity can be found in Iraya products. Through this, we can return to the harmony of life, the harmony of the mind and body with the soul.

All the products I received were so pretty and unique but the first product I picked up was the Orange and Green tea scrub


Ingredients- Green tea, orange, and almond

Both my favourite ingredients but was wondering how the combination would be. I opened the twist off the cap of the jar and applied a bit on my forehead and cheeks. Instantly the blended aroma lifted by senses. I made circular soft hand movements rubbing the product on my face and washed it off in cold water. It felt totally rejuvenating. With the extract of green tea, orange, the shell of almond, this face gently removes dead skin cells, improves skin texture and tones up the skin. I was tingling all over.

iraya products
Orange & green tea scrub



Ingredients:  sea kelp, cane sugar, oils of coconut, rice bran, castor oil
This soap has a mild fragrance and was soothing during a warm shower. It lathers up moderately and leaves you fresh and satisfied all over. My skin did not feel stretchy or dry using sea kelp soap, unlike my regular bath soap.

Seakelp Soap
Seakelp Soap

After that warm shower, it was time to moisture up. Our skin is the largest of our Body and covering a surface area of over 21 square feet and accounts for 6% to 10% of your body weight, special care is required.


Ingredients- Lotus seed, aloe, sesame, basil, saffron, ketaki

The best time to apply moisturizer is immediately after a bath, shower or making contact with water in any way. I applied the Wildflower lotion all over my body the moment I step out of the shower. The bottle had a press down bottle cap which it good because there is no wastage and you can use how much you want. It has a rich floral aroma and spread easily not giving a sticky feeling. My skin felt happy and said a silent thank-you to me. The wild Flower Nourishing Lotion is best suited for all types of skin, it enhances regeneration of skin cells and gives the skin a smooth velvety finish. I am totally in love with it and won’t even let my daughter Zenia Irani  share it. Hee Hee!!

Coming to the fourth product, I got to use it after I returned from Mickey Mehta vigorous Cardio Class. It’s one hour of the holistic approach to exercising not only purified the body, but body and soul. The same feeling I get with Iraya.


Ingredients: mimosa, sarsaparilla, juice of grapes and green apple

I took a large helping of this shower gel, as I wanted to get the sweat and grime all cleaned up. It was not too thick or runny, Just right and I lathered it up with my loofah. I loved its tangy fruity aroma that brightened up my mood and got me charged for the evening activities at home. Overall it left my mind and body refreshed.

Iraya Products
The pushdown bottle cap



Iraya products are well suited for Indian skin and are definitely for all those lovely ladies who love their skin and crave to get that little extra pampering. For that radiant, glowing, soft, supple & beautiful skin forever try Iraya products. Satisfaction is guaranteed. It is a superb gift option too, hope all those men who want to impress the ladies are taking notes.

iraya Products
Pretty gift boxes Photo credit- Iraya

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