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Harry Bar Menu and Cafe Review

Harry Bar Menu and Cafe

Yipppeee! Its Friday night again, and visiting the new Harry bar and cafe with my blogger friends was the highlight of my weekend. This time it was a review for the new Harry Bar Menu at the Fun Republic- Andheri ( W)

Harry bar

Harry Bar and Cafe is not a very huge place but had an instant appeal to a newcomer like me. The lighting – nice and dim, music-cool groovy, the perfect volume so that conversations can be enjoyed. Conversions on each table are most private as the other people cannot overhear you. The seating was comfortable and air conditioning was pretty cool.
The ambiance is what cheers you up totally, Huge TV screen, pool table, DJ corner, and a welcoming Bar. Lovely place to hangout and chill with your friends. There were groups of friends enjoying the IPL and cheering for their favourite side.


YES…FOOD.. Thats what bloggers scrutinize, let me warn you, and that was what I was there for too!!


The  Starters kept arriving on the table at regular intervals, and guess what! We had practically every starter on the menu. From my most favourite dish- Fisherman’s Basket to my not so favourite Stuffed Mushrooms, I tasted all trying to evaluate each one of them. Most of the starters were well seasoned and presented.
The Chicken Satay was a killer, and the Crispy Chilli Potatoes was to die for. Take a bow Chef Vicky Ratnani who has partnered with Harrys Bar & Cafe to give everyone some superb ‘ Comfort Bar Food ‘. So sit back and check out some of those mouth watering starters we savored that evening.
Harry bar menu


Harry bar


Harry bar

Harry bar menu

Harry bar menu
This lonely burger got all my attention

Harry bar
I relished them all, the Chicken  Lollypop, Veg Vietnamese  Spring Rolls, Wasabi Cottage cheese squares, Chicken Satay, Crispy Chicken, Nachos, Honestly I have zero complaints about of any of the starters. Every dish was drool-worthy, flavorsome and fun with the drinks.


Now there is more, take look at the Salad, Pasta and Main course served. I found the pasta not so cheesy as I like it and abit under seasoned. However, the salad was fresh and delightful in every morsel. I found the Thai curry over seasoned with salt. Gave it a miss after a bite.



Harry bar


Dessert had limited options, However much I wanted to try the upside down ice cream cone in the jar, we all unanimously decided to have the Drunken Volcana cake. This was a combination of warm Chocolate Lava cake, vanilla Gelato and Flambe. Wowie, I squealed like a little child when it was brought to the table !! The plate got dancing to the beats of the DJ when lit, then died down, only to excite our tastebuds with the sexy sweet chocolatey taste.

Harry bar


The Harry Bar menu had an extensive good collection of wines, shots, and different range cocktails, signature as well as usuals. The Dirty Harry is the signature cocktail here and I had the privilege to taste it.  It was vodka based with iced mist flavour,  demerara, and litcchi. Not a very good looking drink but a stunner on the palate. The alcohol prices when compared seemed okay to me.

Harry bar

My favourite was DIRTY HARRY
Good Old Martini

Harry Bar Menu

The bar tender and server Dilip was the highlight of the evening. He kept coming up and giving his recommendations and entertained us with his chirpy personality. I got a picture to prove it.



Warm and hospitable staff and nice ambiance grab all the attention. Perhaps the one thing I’d come back here would be for the good music and fun vibe.
One of the best places to chill after a hectic week on Fridays as well as weekends.

Harry’s Bar + Cafe Andheri Lokhandwala, Andheri West, Mumbai, India address
1st Floor, Fun Republic, Veera Desai Road, Shah Industrial Estate, Andheri Lokhandwala, Andheri West, Mumbai


Harry bar
Girls just wanna have fun
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The food bloggers Gang 

(The author was invited to dine and wine at Harry Bar + cafe courtesy the Food Bloggers Association of India).

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