Why people love eating pizza

Very thoughtfully a foodie has coined the phrasePizza is Bae and now we all use it for our convenience. The question arises, why people around the world love eating pizza. I am guessing, it’s a combination of how the pizza smells, looks, and tastes.

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And also because of the way our taste buds have been developing with the change in food patterns and fast foods. , we love certain foods more than some others. That is the only reason People love eating Pizza because it is tasty and healthy too.


But why does everyone love pizza?

Let’s list down a few of the many reasons.

I gathered seven reasons to take you to pizzalicious heaven.


1. Comfort Food What can be better than cheese and chocolate? The universe has proclaimed these two foods as comfort food. A bite can ease any emotional stress, tensions. Heartbreak, sickness.

A warm slice of pizza can help in these cases.  Pizza is comfort food because there’s nothing it can’t cure.


2. Not Junk Food– A delicious slice of pizza containing a lavish base of tomato sauce that can do wonders for your health. The secret is in lycopene, an antioxidant chemical in tomatoes.  It reduces the risk of esophageal cancer.

It can be prepared with the freshest of vegetables, whole wheat base, and low-fat cheeses. I am only drooling as I pen my thoughts.pizza love

cheese pizza3. Pizza is social food– How often have we heard of a pizza party, children of today and even adults for that matter bond and relish pizza over games, conversations, and a few drinks.

It doesn’t matter how you like it, whether you like a plain cheese pizza or one that’s got a mountain of toppings, it’s still pizza

Dominos Pizza4. Its both a meal and a snack– You don’t need to add any other food group to this slice of pizza because it is a complete meal by itself. Protein, good fats, and healthy carbs. You can have it for dinner or just pick up a slice as a quick, fulfilling snack.

Slice of pizza

5. Needs no washing of dishes– You can have it straight from this dish or delivery box. No crockery or cutlery is really needed. Amazing isn’t it?


Who can resist this?

6. Easy to make – Simple is the recipe, you can never go wrong making a pizza. And you don’t need to be a gourmet chef to master the art of the pizza. Check out some youtube videos or recipes on google and you are sorted. For a quick fix, you can try an easy bread pizza.

Dominos PizzaTwo pizzas for INR 99.

7. So many types of pizzas – You can never get bored of eating it. Check out Dominoes India menu of veg and non-veg pizzas, so much to choose from. Yummiest, cheesiest, and now the cheapest too.

Wowwwww Yes, Dominoes is launching its new range of pizzas Which you can get for Rs 99/- Only… What more I need to love pizzas.


That’s why we all say Pizza’ is bae as it just won’t dare give up on you, won’t annoy you and won’t disappoint you. With Value pizzas where you can buy 2 pizzas for INR 99 each,  It is a pizza party every day😍😍😍.

I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether you eat both the pizzas by yourself.

Check out some more fun reasons to love the pizza here ♥pizza

21 thoughts on “Pizza is Bae, Pizza saves your day.”

  1. I starting craving for pizza much more after I tasted extra cheese burst farmhouse after a long time during my last trimester …I feel I developed a new addiction to it . Couldn’t agree more to the points u have mentioned ….I am a pizza maniac …Forever pizza love ❤❤ Loved reading ur post and already drooling over pizza ….Will definitely have this evening

  2. Hey lovely article. Pizza on a Friday night brings are family together. We make a whole wheat multi grain crust bake top n chop together put our toppings and my daughter and me have even played X and Zero. Link to the same
    Even at Flavours of Fun events we do a healthy multi grain pizza with our little chefs make suitable for any party with healthy toppings .

  3. A food that is universal and most of the times very affordable. A must on all holidays. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I totally agree with you assessment for loving pizza. If I could, I would have pizza everyday, I love that it’s easy, delicious and perfect for socializing. We get it a lot when we’re out at someone else’s house and realize we’re hungry. But I also love having that homemade pizza once a week too!

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