River rafting in Rishikesh

Har Har Gange…..
Har Har Gange….
A common chant you hear while standing on top of Lakshman Jhula during sunset. It was exhilarating to just watch the rafters raise their oars with pride on completion of their river ride down the Ganges. River Rafting in Rishikesh is a sport the adventure lovers literally worship. I wished to experience this thrilling joy ride of a lifetime myself. And guess what? I actually got an opportunity which I grabbed with both hands.

My First Darshan of River Ganga

So, as our taxi meandered by the river to out hotel Aloha on The Ganges, I had made up my mind to take a dip in the river and try my strong hands at river rafting too. Waiting to strike yet another one off my bucket list, last year. The water is so clean and white here, not a sign of polluted water. Made me wonder if it could be really true yet so proud of my Incredible India.

River rafting in Rishikesh

Why to People come to Rishikesh

River Rafting in Rishikesh is a dream for many across the globe. It’s not just the adventure and the thrill but also the magnificent Ganges which can leave every Indian boast with pride. The history of this river is beyond compare.    In Rishikesh, rafting packages vary depending on the rafting level. The levels start from beginner and go up to advanced. There is something for everyone here, even for people who have never ever embarked in River Rafting in Rishikesh before.

Aloha on the Ganges

Aloha On the Ganges

This exquisite resort in Rishikesh ‘Aloha on the Ganges’ is located right on the banks of the Ganges River close to the Laxman Jhulla, in a very serene and peaceful environment. The setting of the resort on the fast-flowing Ganges, surrounded by forested hills is the highlight of this place. Well spaced out rooms, cottages, and apartments are available. Aloha on the Ganges is not just a resort in Rishikesh that will leave you breathless with the enchantment of its surroundings but offers various activities for mental peace, relaxation, and adventure. And, I was so ready for the River Rafting session in the Ganges.

River rafting in Rishikesh

White Water River Rafting/ Kayaking

After hearing so much about river rafting in Rishikesh and making up my mind, this River Rafting experience was on top of my mind. I even managed to convince my husband who is petrified of water to try it out with me. The holiday Adventure desk at our hotel advised us a small three seater raft for beginners and assured us safety with a lifeguard on shore. So, it was decided, the next morning was the time to meet and greet River Ganges.

River rafting in Rishikesh

A once in a Lifetime  Experience

We were taken by jeep to a private beach near our Hotel. Two lifeguards and one instructor accompanied us. The raft was unloaded and so was the other safety equipment like lifejackets, helmets, floats, etc. The river was beautiful white sands and crystal clear water. After a few instructions from the lifeguard and wearing our gear we were all set to go. The water looks calm at first and the controlled movements of the paddle made it easy to surge ahead. However, one rapid gush of water and our boat capsized. I was inside the cool clean water, it felt so wonderful. I strong hand pulled me up and as I climbed back onto the boat, I knew this was an experience of a lifetime.  And then we were off again, there is nothing like the thrill of successfully running a rapid in your own boat!

The ban on River rafting in Rishikesh

This form of extreme water sports brings you face to face with the extreme situations of nature. I was really lucky to have experienced this before the Uttarakhand High Court had banned white river rafting, paragliding, and other water sports in the region. Let’s wait and watch for things to get better.


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  1. The Ganges, The Himalayas, Rishikesh, all of this is so beautiful and makes me love India more. River rafting adds on to the list. Rishikesh has always been in my must visit lists.

  2. River rafting is very famous there and I wanted to do this from long time, though I did rafting in Kullu but in Rishikesh , it would be wonderful. Loved your write up.

  3. Wow.. I already heard so much about Rishikesh and your blog just added to it. Now I have to definitely plan a trip very soon. The pictures are also very beautiful..

  4. U won’t believe, I have been to rishikesh atleast 50 times but never tried river rafting. Am very scared about it.
    Your post gave me some strength, may try next time.

  5. My husband is crazy about river rafting. He goes to rishikesh at least once a year to take up this adventure. While I am quite afraid of this sport.

  6. How I wish to have an experience fo river rafting but my husband who is afraid of water never lets me do it. Love this post. I invite you to read my R & S post too which I posted quite late.

  7. River rafting at Rishikesh is truly a once in a lifetime experience. I too had done it before the Government had put a ban on it. Rishikesh itself is such a beautiful place. I am sure both of you had a wonderful time there.

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