My First impression of Soya Milk

I am always linking blogposts to my childhood memories however this one is unique. My first introduction to the existence of Soya Milk was when my cousin was declared allergic to regular milk as a baby and was recommended Soymilk by doctors as an healthy alternative. It was then that the whole idea of wholesome nutrition and its benefits came to light.

Benefits of Soya Milk

As the taste of commercial soy milk improves more and more people are drinking it as enjoyment. But many people drink soy milk for the added health benefits. So what are the benefits of drinking soy milk as compared to cow’s milk?

Benefit 1: Soy milk contains only vegetables proteins

Benefit 2: Soy milk contains no lactose

Benefit 3: Fewer people are allergic to soy milk

Benefit 4: Soy milk reduces cholesterol

Benefit 5: Soy milk is rich in isoflavones, calcium,vitamins and minerals.

These are just few of the benefits and the list is endless.

New Product in Indian Market

Soya milk
We are all familiar with some existing brands which sell Soymilk in the indian Market. Let me introduce to you Staeta Soy Milky. Staeta Soy milky is lactose free and heart healthy source of high quality protein. Soy milk can be handled and much used in the same way as dairy milk. It is extracted from whole soya bean which is a healthy alternative of dairy milk.

I recently sampled some flavours and would like to share my views on what I felt on the product
Packaging- 200 ML in a rectagular tetrapak
Price – INR 25/- for each tetrapak


Staeta Soymilky is available in 5 different flavours. Original, Natural, Chocolate, Malt, and Kesar Pista.
Original-  This is slightly sweetened  which can be used to make tea, coffee, milkshakes, smoothies and in other dessert preparations as a substitute for milk.

Natural- This is an Unsweetened variety of Soymilk  extracted from whole soybeans naturally. This can be used to make tofu. I had it after a workout and felt totally energized as I got my quota of protein power from it.

Malt- This was a personal favourite from all. It tasted so yummy when I had it chilled. Rich malty flavour, the sweetness was not so over powering. It will be a runaway hit with kids.

Chocolate- This tasted like a chocolate milkshake added with lots of chocolate. Sweet and refreshing you cannot believe its soya milk if had in a glass.

Kesar Pista- This was lightly flavoured with sweetness and kesar pista. I wish I could actually get the feel of kesar pista instead of a light flavour. But then its packed with calcium, minerals and the goodness of Soya making it that perfect drink.


SweetAnnu’s Report Card-

4.5/ 5 for the quality of product, packaging and pricing.

5/5 for the nutritional benefits and goodness of Soya.

So  go all out and try Staeta Soya milk today.


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