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    Why am I addicted to Traveling?

    What is travel addict meaning? Are you a travel addict? What is the Travel Addict Meaning? Bitten by the travel bug – need to get away from home, people and just travel the globe. Our mind is the fastest traveler! Traveling from one continent to another in a fraction of a second, without any security check, passport or visa requirements. Today my mind takes me to the London Eye whilst in the next moment, I am taking a selfie at the Pyramids of Giza. Why I love the World/ Travel Addict Meaning I have been an avid traveler since my childhood taking voyages across the seven seas with my dad and…

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    5 Popular Places You Should Visit in Igatpuri

    Long Weekend? And we Mumbaikars get a reason to head out of the concrete jungle. The most famous and top of the list is Lonavala and Khandala, very popular among tourists, and often found very crowded. A monsoon getaway is the best If you really the rainy season and enjoy getting wet. This time round we wanted to try some place else, so we got into travel gear to take off to Igatpuri. I just wanted to enjoy the lush greenery and breathe the fresh air of the hills. Igatpuri is well connected with highways and roads however the best way to reach this place is by train. It’s cheapest…

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    3 days in Goa – Unlimited fun

    Is there a good time to visit Goa? Well, we Mumbaikars just need to get free from this maddening city, and when it’s a long weekend there is no looking back. So rain or shine, Goa here we come! 3 days in Goa?? Goa doesn’t disappoint one bit, its simply special and breathtaking in every way. But were 3 days in Goa enough. Read on and find out. From church bells to the quaint flea markets. To the misty beaches to the long bike rides. From the scrumptious seafood to the intoxicating Kaju Fenni, Goa has something for everybody. Just three days in Goa and I wanted to make the…

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    My Scintillating Singapore Itinerary

    “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” Hello everyone, It had been quite a while since my last travel post so SweetAnnu is excited to do a travel story. This May we visited Singapore, the tourist’s paradise. This city has much to offer, there was never a dull moment on our entire trip. No place like Singapore So read on…….. to check out my action packed Singapore Itinerary Day 1: The day started late but with loads of excitement, remembering to pack every little thing that could be needed for out trip. And guess what I forgot, Yes….. My Selfie stick. Nonetheless I have tried…

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    Return to Thailand the Second Time

    Return to Thailand This was my second trip to Bangkok, in fact, a beautiful return to Thailand. I was wanting to explore more this time. Everything about life, art, music, fashion, and most of all the street food and all that Thai cuisine. The first time I had just visited Bangkok but this time I decided to add Pattaya to my list, experience some adventure activities, soak up the sun and simply relax. Although I had won a 2N/3D trip with TUI travels, I had to add the expense of two extra nights in Pattaya and that of my travel partner, my dear husband – Jehanbux Irani in the month of…

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    Dream Destination around the World

    Dream Destination Meaning If you are a travel freak and dreaming of a destination anywhere around the globe for your next travel escapade then that is defination of ‘Dream Destination Meaning’. It is the desire of getting to a destination and your need  to accomplish or obtain it. Whats your dream destination? What would be your dream destination if there was no worry about the budget or time? Well I have many destinations all over the world that I wish to visit in the near future. I  have made a list and have been saving up my money to fulfill my travel dreams I will start from the seven wonders of…