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Tips on how to build Curiosity in kids and tackling Questions

How to build Curiosity in kids and tackling Questions?

Of course, there are tons of fun activities for kids that parents can indulge in. They can also find other fun activities online for their kids to do, particularly at online platforms like Yellow Class. At the same time, while you can help your child grow new interests, learn new things, have fun and positively utilize his/her time and energy with these online hobby classes, you will still have to tackle and deal with the barrage of questions aimed at you out of natural curiosity. After all, in the initial years, you will be your kid’s encyclopedia. How with the barrage of questions aimed at you out of natural curiosity. After all, in the initial years, you will be your kid’s encyclopedia.

How do you encourage and nurture this curiosity while tackling all their questions?

Experts have stated that healthy curiosity in early childhood years will lead to numerous benefits in the long term. Studies also indicate that children who are curious will naturally experience more satisfaction in their lives while being more open minded, excelling in their academics and also possess a good sense of humor. Curiosity is directly tied to kindness and a solid understanding of overall empathy. At the same time, another advantage is that curious kids will have a desire for life with regard to learning and finding things

how to build Curiosity in kids and takling Questions
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Little babies and toddlers will keep asking you thousands of questions in most scenarios. You can nurture this curiosity patiently and also expose your child to several scenarios and experiences in turn. Toddlers will develop greater curiosity and you should make a note of how they are expressing wonder at everything they see and do. If your toddler stays fixed on watching something each day, you may encourage this curiosity by stimulating such conversations.

Suppose your kid is more curious about birds. Bring home pictures and toys of birds and stimulate the conversation. Take time out to learn new bird species and their habits. This will foster creativity, learning and curiosity in turn.

Toddlers sometimes ask questions in whole strings and sequences starting with what, how, why and where. Try and answer these queries in a careful and thoughtful manner. You may be honest with your little one when you do not know something. Instead, offer to find out or propose an arrangement whereby you both find the answer together. This will foster better learning and curiosity alike. Always have questions that are open ended. Instead of saying did you have a good time at school today, state that what did you do at school today. Give more scope to your little one for talking about and recollecting his/hr experiences while developing their innate responses to be more accurate and detail oriented in place of only going for answers with yes and no.

These small tips will greatly help foster natural curiosity in your child by a good deal and will also how to build Curiosity in kids and tackling Questions.

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  • Sanjay Thampy

    In this era when kids get so engrossed in mobile phones and video games, nurturing curiosity in them is so very important.

    Today’s kids do not have the exposure to the outside as much as they would need and hence are less inquisitive.

    Developing this trait in them is so helpful for their all round growth.

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