I can proudly proclaim to be married into a bhakra loving family as l clearly remember my mother-in-law making bhakras in her Dahanu home every Sunday, cooling them and packing them in a big stainless steel box for her son. It was a ritual every Sunday evening, once all the other household work was done it was time to make Bhakras. A big thali was taken and all the ingredients were mixed with a heavy hand. My mother-in-law would instruct the maid to knead with a heavy hand and add according to the recipe in her head. She never used measured proportions yet the bhakras turned out delicious every time.

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The next day she would travel from Dahanu to Mumbai by Flying Rani carrying a heavy load of bhakras and other goodies for the family.

This routine has stopped but our love for bhakras still continues. I pick up bhakras from RTI (Ratan Tata Institute) sometimes. This time round when we were in Deolali, Tezeen from Ratiz Kitchen who runs the canteen for the sanatorium had a fresh batch of bhakras made. She sells them for Rs 120 a dozen  which I found  quite reasonable. She also makes Dal ni Pori and a whole lot of other items.  I can vouch for the quality and freshness.


Parsi Bharka
Enjoy your bhakra with a mug full of tea

Sharing my recipe of Parsi Bhakras


600 gm wheat flour

300 gm semolina

3 egg

4 green elaichi (cardamon) powder.

150 gm castor sugar

1/2 teaspoon nutmeg powder

1 cup refined oil

salt as required

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 cup yogurt (curd)


Parsi bhakras



Take a big thali to avoid spillage of flour and making a mess. Combine all the dry ingredients first.  Flour, rava, baking powder, green cardamom (powdered), nutmeg powder, salt and mix well.


Then add powdered sugar, beaten eggs to the previous mixture and stir thoroughly.


Now stir  in curd to this mixture in order to make a soft dough. Use your hands to make circular motions in the thali. Get it into a smooth dough and cover it with any cloth or lid. Let it rest for two hours.


Now with the help of a rolling pin, roll the dough and make thick round balls from the dough. You can use a katori as a cutter to get even shaped rounds.


Take a kadai and heat oil in it on medium flame. Flatten the balls and fry them and brown from both sides.

Sometimes they rise like puris and remain soft. Or you may get a batch of slightly harder biscuit textured bhakras. Any which way, they must be cooled before storing them in air tight containers. Serve as a snack during tea time.

Dip it in for a soak

Do try out this easy recipe and let me know how it turns out. Now let me enjoy my evening cup of tea with bhakra. ??

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  1. I love donuts but most of the donuts contain egg and hence I cannot eat it because I belong to a strictly veg. family. This one type of donut is vegeterian and looks yummy. I would definitely love to try at home. Thanks for sharing!!!

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