The festival of Ganpati always evokes festive cheer along with a sense of devotion. Before any festival, I get into saaf- safai mode where I clean up my floor, walls, putting up new curtains and take special care to clean up my kitchen. I decided to liberate myself from the menace of cockroaches before I started preparing any kind of sweetmeats.

There couldn’t be a better way to start the festivities with a clean hygienic kitchen sans the ugly sight of cockroaches playing peek – a – boo behind gas pipes, behind the cylinders and hiding beneath the sink. I detest the sight of them. When the lights are off, it’s party time for all of them. Cockroaches crawl all over your kitchen utensils from dirty drains carrying hazardous germs and bacteria. Without a doubt they are the main reasons for house hold diseases like Food Poisoning, Cholera, Diarrhea, Dysentery and common complaints of stomach aches. I have tried herbal pest control, drawing chalk lines etc, but invariably they are back in no time doing the ‘Tandav’ in my kitchen.

Recently a neighbor of mine told me about her story of using Lal Hit as a monthly kitchen cleaning regime and was quite satisfied with the results. This is when I decided to give it a shot too. It is important to get rid of hidden cockroaches and LAL HIT  ‘Deep Reach Nozzle’ reaches out to kill even the hidden cockroaches by getting onside deep corners, cracks and crevices. I found the fresh fragrance soothing and not too over powering. I was happy at last that the roaches were gone.

Festivities of Ganpati started with a lot of pomp and grandeur.  So now I was set to prepare some delicious sweets for my favorite Elephant God. I visit a lot of friends who keep Ganesh idols at their homes. My maid Sunita along with her family, too keep a five day Ganesh Idol in their home.  I always pay a visit on the day they have a Satya Narayan Pooja.  Last year I had prepared .Chocolate Modaks .This time I was trying out something very different.

Gulab ki thandi kheer
Delicious Gulab Ki Kheer


Gulab Ki Thandi Kheer Recipe


1-1/2 cups –  Rose Petals Shredded

1/3 cup  – Pure Ghee

2 tsp  – Rose Essence

500 g – Paneer Grated and mashed

2 cups (300 ml) – Milk

1 tin (400g) – Sweetened Condensed Milk


1, In a deep bottom pan or vessel, add the ghee.

  1. Mix together the Sweetened Condensed Milk, milk, and grated paneer.

    Mix and mix till its thick
  2. Then bring this to a boil, stirring occasionally to see that it doesn’t burn at the bottom.
  3. Simmer this for 5 minutes, remove from stove and cool to room temperature. Add the rose water and shredded rose petals and mix well.
  4. Place in small bowls and garnish with nuts and rose petals.
  5. Serving it chilled is the best option.

Do try out my simple recipe and let me know in the comments below if you have any queries. This Ganesh Chaturthi lets get our kitchens spotlessly clean and cockroach free. For that, I strongly recommend “Lal Hit” to #SayNoToFoodPoisoning . Get into the habit of using it once a month and trust me, you will be stress free of cockroaches and insects in your kitchen.



To get more information  go here.

You can buy Lal HIT on Amazon India or Bigbasket.

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