“Marriages are like fingerprints; each one is different and each one is beautiful.”
-Maggie Reyes

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Such a beautiful quote. I strongly believe it’s up to each individual to make or break a marriage. A spouse should be a friend first with whom you can share your deepest feelings and secrets. Couples who trust each other without fear of judgment. I feel truly blessed to have completed 32 years in the institution of marriage on April 25, 2018.

Selfie with Hubby

Not realizing what to expect but thanks to Ahura Mazda, life was beautiful with all its ups and downs to date. Back then on our marriage day, we exchanged rings,  however, I was clueless about the significance.


What does the wedding ring really mean?

1. LOVE ETERNALLY: Just take a look at your wedding ring, isn’t it a perfect circle?  That’s what a marriage be, never-ending love that goes on and on without any end. There is no ending to the love you share with your spouse. With the exchange of rings, you take a promise that you will love the other person forever.

2. RING  FINGER TAKES YOU TO THE HEART: The third finger or better known to all is the ring finger is where the wedding ring is worn. The reason being that the vein there runs directly into your heart. So to keep your spouse  always close to your heart, the ring on your finger  will remind you

3. A PROMISE TO REMEMBER:  A ring is like a reminder that you are in a committed relationship with your partner. Is the ring to show other people that we are married? No,  actually it’s for you, It is a token of love, commitment, and promises. When you look at it, you should remember this day and how you feel. You are promising to love, happiness and to support each other for eternity.

History of wedding ring

In ancient  Rome, the man would present his to be bride with an iron ring, which is the origin of today’s metal wedding bands. The Romans, as well as the Greeks, always the ring on the ring finger of the left hand because they believed that the finger contained the vena amoris, or the vein of love.

This year to celebrate our Anniversary we are taking a short trip to Dehradun- Rishikesh – Mussoorie. We will also exchange our vows with these beautiful Augrav rings.


About Augrav

1. Augrav is a new generation brand, where art meets technology. They make aesthetically beautiful personalized jewelry.

augrav jewels

2. AuGrav is committed to giving the best service and shopping experience to all its shoppers no matter where they are. You can browse and order and the reliable delivery network get it to your doorstep across all major cities in India.

augrav jewels

3. Their website is easy to navigate. And an order can be placed with such ease. Did you know about these special types of rings? Some rings in their collection are so rare and pretty. Check them out.


Stackable Rings

As the name suggests, stacked rings or stackable rings are finger rings stacked up one on top of the other. It’s like wearing multiple rings on one finger. So cool and stylish And this it’s best done to make your own individual style statement. Further, check this for more patterns and ideas. 

augrav jewels

Name rings for His/Her
An engagement signifies the beginning of a wonderful journey for two souls. On the website, you can get engagement gold rings for couples with names to make this special occasion all the more magical. If you want something more than just the ordinary, you can go one step ahead and customize the couple name rings as per your liking with different fonts, gemstones, precious metals, etc

augrav jewels

What a splendid collection indeed. From engraving name to fingerprint. Augrav gives you all the facilities. A custom engraving is something that would make a gift unique in the true sense of the word. I did check out the range and some pieces are so stunning and desirable.  Along with rings, they also cater to engraved silver coins which can also serve as great gifts for special occasions.

Love strengthens the marriage, while rings strengthen the love. So exchange rings and show your spouse how much you truly care.





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  1. Brilliantly written and informative. I never knew myself so much about this. Thanks fior sharing. Keep going.

  2. Wow …infact we will be celebrating our 6th marriage anniversary on April 25th … Congratulations in advance ..Loved this post 😊

  3. I feel like it is hard to find the “Mr. Right” and sometimes prefer being single if I can’t find the one!

  4. Good article,
    Not many people knows about the rings. I remember when me and my Wife were doing research and what’s mean gold, white gold etc !

  5. I am so glad I read this post. I am engaged to marry soon but was against myself having a ring. I simply don’t care much for jewelry and didn’t think I would enjoy wearing it. I see now that it’s far more than just a pc of jewelry. I think I should go ring hunting.

  6. Never new that this much information could exist in the rings thanks for the valuable information Annu
    Visit my blog for when you are free geekhubb.com

  7. Well written and so informative. Though i have little knowledge of wedding rings, but this post said it all. Thank you so much for this. I wioo keep visistint your site to learn more.

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