• Things to do in Mumbai in the morning
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    Interesting Things to do in Mumbai in the Morning

    The city that never sleeps, Mumbai is often termed as the busiest cities in India. The streets are bustling with honking cars, while the trains are packed with busy office goers. Is there ever a quiet moment or a different side to this City? Does on ever get to listen to chirping birds or admire tall trees swaying in the cool breeze?  Well, yes…If I may add… Being a morning person who is in love with Mumbai city, I have discovered a few fun and happy things to do in Mumbai in the morning. Things to do in Mumbai in the Morning 1. Visit Carter Road Promenade Winter Mornings are…

  • Best Places to Visit in Monsoon near Mumba

    Best Monsoon Getaways near and around Mumbai

    Best Places to Visit in Monsoon near Mumbai With the onset of June, each morning I peep through the window to see whether is sunny or rainy. What a beautiful morning to wake up to thunder and the sound of rain today!! The Rain God has finally shown mercy by showering rain!! Pray that we have a healthy monsoon in the catchment areas and abundance of water to last throughout the year. Time to say bye-bye to the scorching heat and welcome the damp chilly cold. What a moment it would be to just get into your car and drive away out of Mumbai. Seeing Waterfalls along the way and…

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    New Bandra Restaurants to visit in the future

     New Bandra restaurants to visit Being a true Bandraite and a foodie, I recently discovered 5 new interesting Bandra restaurants, everyone must visit. Even though I belong to the classic foodie culture and love my Kheema Pau at GoodLuck Cafe, Lucky ki Biryani and Chicken Puff from Hearsh, I still keep my new eatery list updated. It has been two months into 2018 but I have tried and ticked off half  a dozen new eateries  in Bandra/Khar. The ones I really enjoyed got into my blogpost below with what they have to offer. FERRY WHARF According to me, Bandra much needed a fine-dining Seafood Restaurant and thank God for the…

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    Street Food of Mumbai Tour – Vile Parle

    Street Food Of Mumbai My face always lights up when my friend or sister asks me, “Annu, Coming for Pani Puri?”. There is no fixed time for this dish because any time is Panipuri O Clock. It’s the most loved street food of Mumbai and I just cannot resist it. Can you imagine my excitement when a few foodie friends of mine decided to do a street food walk and included me too in their plans? I was very excited like a child. There is so much to discover even in the streets, every nook and corner has a food story to tell. This was our first of this experimental…