• Bhutan
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    Breathtakingly Beautiful Bhutan

    My first impression of Beautiful Bhutan I am waiting to simply soak up the charm of Beautiful Bhutan with all my senses. Its a lush green country with breathtaking landscapes. If the pictures I surfed the net are so gorgeous, I cannot imagine what the real views would be – stunning beyond compare. Bhutan is the most mysterious and mystical places you could travel to. The government has policies to protect the countryโ€™s heritage and environment. There are no skyscrapers or high buildings, the houses are all built in a traditional style. How to get to Bhutan from India Paro Airport is the closest major airport inย Bhutan. 2 airlines operate…

  • Visa on Arrival for Indians
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    Travel abroad without a Visa

    Countries Offered Visa on Arrival for Indians Sometimes, don’t we wish to just pack our bags and take off to a foreign destination. Only hoping that traveling overseas required no visa. However, the process of acquiring a visa can be so tedious. In today’s context, people don’t have spare time to fill documents and apply for the visa. But what if I told you that 59 countries around the world allowed to acquire a visa on arrival for Indians. The whole idea of going abroad for a vacation while avoiding the hassle of the visa process is fantastic, isn’t it?ย  Yes, why worry,ย  because your Indian passport is strong enough…