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    Top Trendy and Comfortable Everyday Wear Sarees for the Contemporary Woman

    Top Trendy and Comfortable Everyday Wear Sarees for the Contemporary Woman  All women look forward to being at their best every day. However, if you were a celebrity, you could wear heavy banarsi silk sarees every day. If that is not the case, you could consider wearing trendy and comfortable sarees for everyday use.  Let us delve into some of the trendy women sarees for your everyday use.  1.Bengal Cotton Sarees  These sarees have become an immensely popular variety of cotton women sarees. These sarees have been made available since time. However, they are still an integral aspect of every woman’s wardrobe presently.  The airy and light texture of the…

  • Cure smartphone addiction
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    How to cure smartphone addiction

    The Latest Smartphone Trends How to cure smartphone addiction? All eyes on their mobiles, texting or watching a film. This is a common sight for most of us, whilst travelling, in the malls and even while dining at restaurants. It’s the scary truth!! How does one break free? Has anyone heard of a mobile detox? Well, let me share some more information in this post  In our digital-centric world, the first thing we wake up to, are the notifications on our smartphones.  Totally quitting usage of mobile phones will be a difficulty but definitely can be restricted. Once you’re back to the start of the work week, you’ll need to…