BlogChatter A to Z

Blogchatter A to Z are blogposts related to each letter of the alphabet all through the month of April.

  • BlogChatter A to Z,  Travel

    T – Travel when you are young

    I have been very fortunate to take a holiday at least once a year, to some place far or near. The fun part is to do something out of your comfort zone. Like not knowing what to expect on the next road you drive through, the strange people you will meet and above all the long lasting memories you will make. Why travel when you are young? 1. YOLO You only live once they say. An opportunity lost is lost forever, the same goes for your travel opportunities.  So make the most while you are young and able. Sometimes we put off travel plans for another date and time, but…

  • BlogChatter A to Z,  Lifestyle

    Q – Quit Smoking Just Now!

    Quit Smoking Just Now! They say it is not easy to quit smoking. And trust me when I say, it is not easy, I know how difficult it is. Yet, it is not impossible. I had a smoker in my family for 33 years and have seen him struggle to quit. Finally, the combination of will power, support system, and determination won against this deadly addiction. Quitting smoking is extremely tough, but it’s surely worth it! It is a well-known fact that smoking cigarettes have tremendous negative effects on your health.  Stained teeth and skin, heart-related problems, and above all the threat of lung cancer. And these are just a…

  • BlogChatter A to Z,  Food

    P- Popular Dishes of India

    Popular Dishes of India Indian cuisine is diverse; each region has its own well known dish or a famous delicacy. The locals savor with relish and it is proudly prepared in their households too. Most of the Indian dishes are well spiced to taste and colorful to look at. Some of the  spices used in Indian cuisine include cumin seeds, curry leaves, mustard seeds, green chili, whole garam masalas, red chili powder, turmeric and fenugreek seeds to name a few. All these also originate from India.  So imagine original Indian recipes with original Indian spices. What a Combo! I know your mouth is already watering. Read on to learn about…