• 10 Most Amazing Recipes From North-East India
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    10 Most Amazing Recipes From North-East India

    Are you one of the guys who love experiencing different food varieties from different cultures? If yes then we can confidently say you are going to fall in love with these 10 most amazing recipes from North-East India. But why they are so amazing? As we know, the core reason is the assimilation of multicultural elements. Yes, it is true that the north-eastern part of India is assimilated with too many cultures and this is the reason, why we can see here so many divisions in dressings, languages, festivals, and food. In this article, we are going to explore the 10 most amazing recipes from North-East India and also deeply…

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    Best Homemade Cures For Acidity

    The word Acidity never existed in my dictionary when I was younger. It was always stomach upset or indigestion but never acidity.  However, over the years, it seems like that burning sensation in my chest is playing a more worrisome part of my life. It had to be dealt with and treated before it did more harm. What is Acidity? An Acidity attack comes when there is an excessive secretion of acids in the gastric glands of the stomach. This produces gas, bad breath, stomach ache and leads to other problems. Acidity and lifestyle choices The lifestyle changes we have made in life is the primary factor why acidity is…

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    More facts about Sustainable Palm Oil

    Sustainable Palm Oil Palm oil, Palm oil, Versatile oil How do I wonder what’s your use? Not only with plenty of health benefits But in the best of biscuits, cakes, and chips we choose. This was the exactly same jingle that made me so proud to be one of the winners at ‘Rendezvous with the Honorable Minister TERESA KOK SUH SIM – Bloggers Meet at Taj Lands End earlier this year. Receiving this bright Golden Shield from the Honorable Minister herself was my most memorable moment of 2019. The Meet’s main objective was to bring forth the benefits or the most versatile oil – Palm Oil. (Courtesy-Malaysian Palm Oil Council)  My childhood Memories with Sustainable…