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Freedom From Food Wastage

A very Happy 72nd Independence Day to everyone.

Food Wastage In Metros

Our nation has acquired freedom 72 years ago yet we are still reeling under poverty, malnutrition and illiteracy. Did you know that Indians waste as much food as the entire United Kingdom put together. The food wastage is a shocking and disturbing issue in India today. Stop and think before you pile up your dinner plate from the buffet table at weddings or parties wanting to taste all the dishes and then just leave your half full plate at a corner of the room. Our garbage bins in our street are filthy sites with dumped left over food. Beggars picking and animals ruminating from the piles of plastics for food. Food wastage or food loss is food that is discarded or lost uneaten. But why does this happen? Lets learn some more while trying to avoid food wastage.

Food wastage
Food wastage in India is alarming
How to get freedom from food wastage?


1. Shop smart

We need to stop shopping and loading our carts at the super markets. Often we get carried away with 1+1 offers to buy more food than we need. Though buying in bulk may be convenient, research has shown that this shopping method leads to more food waste.

2. Store food items correctly

Indians need to be educated on how to store  fruits and vegetables, to avoid premature ripening and, rotting.For example, potatoes, tomatoes, garlic, cucumbers and onions should never be refrigerated. These items are to be kept at room temperature. Dals can be put in the fridge to avoid worming.

3. Eat smaller potions

Overeating is a problem for most people in India. We need to feel full, if not we go on dumping our stomachs with food. The right way to eat is half stomach full. Making sure your portion sizes stay within a healthy range doesn’t just help keep your weight down, it also reduces food wastage.

Feed India
Feed those happy faces

4.Give away food to the poor

While you may not think twice about scraping the leftover food on your plate into the trash, remember that food waste has a major impact on the environment. Although many people save excess food from large meals, it is often forgotten in the fridge, then tossed when it goes bad. This is where some NGO’s and organizations have come together. You can call them about leftover food from restaurants and households, and their volunteers will pick it up. The distribution of the food items is directed towards the underprivileged and needy people.

Pledge to Waste no food

This Independence lets pledge to not waste food. Lets join these two organizations for a good cause to ensure a healthy happy India.
1. The Robin Hood Army – RHA is a volunteer based organization spread over 41 cities striving to end hunger, by mobilizing food to those in need. Check here for more details Robin Hood Army


This post is written as part of #FreedomBlogTrain hosted by Snehalata Jain  and I would  also like to thank Amrit Kaur, a writer and graphic designer who shows these professional skills in Blogging too. She is a  Delhi Blogger who loves to write on beauty, fashion and other lifestyle topics.

Kerela Flood 2018

Sweetannu signing off with a heavy heart with prayers for those people who got affected in theKerela  Floods. Friends, Kindly contribute as much u can to Chief Minister relief fund. #KeralaFloodRelief

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