My Fear Diary

Here is a short gist on my fears. Parents often worry about their children’s fears and anxieties. You can help your children overcome fears and to have the confidence needed to be able to face up to the hard things that will happen in their lives. Sometimes these fears develop through situations faced in life and sometimes parents instill these fears in their children.

My childhood fears

I remember the fear of the policeman, doctors injection and getting locked up in bathroom, they being a few of my fears.
A fear can also be taught by parents, brothers and sisters, playmates, teachers, etc. For example, if the parent always gets afraid when she sees a lizard, the child is likely to be afraid of the same thing.This is what happened with me too.

My fear for Lizards

Yes! my biggest Phobia of fear is of lizards I have still not overcome till date. It is called Scoliodentosaurophobia, I had a fear constantly seeing my Mother scream and react negatively on the sight of a lizard. It further developed into a phobia with a childhood incident I clearly remember and would like to narrate here.
This story dates back to my childhood days when I was a 7 year old girl and my sister was a 3 year old toddler. It happened one night when my sister developed a high fever, my mother had to rush with her and daddy to the nearby doctors clinic. They did not wake me up and propped up some pillows beside me on the bed and covered it with a blanket. Rarely did I wake up at night, however that night I woke upĀ  for a sip of water to find everyone missing.

When I tried to open the main door, I found it bolted from the outside, screaming and bawling on top of my voice I went through the back door and a long narrow corridor where those group of wicked lizards crawled on the walls. I wanted to desperately go through the corridor and knock on my neighbours door yet my feet were frozen.

I finally managed to run through the passage to my neighbours house where I was consolled till my mummy and daddy returned. This moment has been traumatic and till date it sends shivers down my spine.


My fears exist even today

I get Goosebumps when anyone says the word lizard or even scares me with a plastic one. Sometimes i wake up at night with the same nightmare of that nights incident.
But how do I overcome my fear? So many times people tell me if I want to overcome my fear the best thing I should do is find a way to prove to myself that lizards are not scary. I slowly started to tell myself that they are harmless creatures and God has created them this way. Recently my husband suggested to watch lizards on pictures and movies, and suggested an animation movie called RANGO. I just tried attempting to watch the movie, but HELL!!! I just could not stand more than 10 mins of the movie!

Do not fear

The quest to remove my fear is on and I am very positive about it. I even surf the net and gather more information on lizards and view inspirational videos on people who have overcome their fears. One day I am sure I will overcome my fear.

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