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    The goodness of Dates/ Dates and Oats Laddoo

    What are Dates? Dates are actually dated back to back at least 50 million years ago. This soft chewy fruit from the palm tree has been the staple food of the Middle East ever since.  Most Muslims consider the date as sacred and even break the religious fast during the month of Ramadam with dried dates.  Dates are the derived fruit of the date palm tree that is grown in many tropical regions of the world. Dates have become quite a popular world over due to its health benefits. They are even high in important nutrients needed for good health and have a variety of advantages and uses. Dates are…

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    A – Start Your Day with Positive Affirmations #BlogchatterA2Z

    What is a positive affirmation? An Affirmation is a positive statement one should tell yourself, preferably in the morning so that your day starts well. It is the mantra that jumpstarts the day on a positive note. These affirmations are specific one-liner that keeps negative thought at bay. Positive affirmations were first developed in the 1970s by neuroscientists who tried it out using psychology and therapy to rewire minds and thinking patterns in negative people.  I have seen the use of affirmations in my Nursery class and its effect on young children too. The main benefits of positive affirmations: Helps to think Rationally Enhances problem-solving strategies Reduces anxiety and stress…

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    Blogchatter A2Z Challenge 2020 Theme Revelation

    Blogchatter A2Z Challenge 2020 Hello, April You are definitely going to be a hectic month ahead. Tell me about your plans for the month!!I will give you time to think, however, my plans are very clear. I am participating in the Blogchatter A2Z Challenge 2020 the entire month of April. With a tight schedule and practically one post a day you can imagine how busy it’s going to get. The entire month I will be putting on my positive pants and penning down my thoughts on this beautiful gift from God which we call ‘Life”. More about what goodness Nature has to offer, beautiful places to travel to, and hope…

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    H- Historic Hyderabad #A2Zchallenge

    Historic Hyderabad is better known as the City of Nizams and Urdu culture. It has recently developed to be the commercial/ IT hub of South India. The city is as famous as its arts, handicrafts and precious pearls. And on the food scene, it is famous for its lip-smacking and aromatic biryani. Have you been to Historic Hyderabad? I can proudly answer ‘Oh Yes!!’ In the year 2015, as a family, we took a short yet action-packed holiday. It is a historic city noted for its many monuments, temples, mosques, and bazaars. A multitude of influences has shaped the character of the city in the last 400 years. We had planned our itinerary and…

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    E – Enchanting Egypt Sightseeing Spots #A2ZChallenge

    Egypt sightseeing Egypt sightseeing – Since childhood, Enchanting Egypt has been on the very top of my travel bucket list. For the longest time history was my favourite subject, from the 4th grade to a Masters degree in history, I owe it all to Egyptian history and the intriguing mummies. Lol!! Enchanting Egypt always been a dream destinations tourist world over. The Mummies to Spynx, this mystical land fascinates almost everyone. For centuries, the iconic Pyramids of Giza have held visitors under their magic spells. Our Itinerary- Egypt sightseeing Blessed to have had the opportunity to visit Egypt more than a decade ago. It was an educational trip organized by…

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    D – Discover Dazzling Dubai

    Dazzling Dubai Dazzling Dubai enchants you the moment you step out of the Airport to take your cab to the hotel. My first visit made me behave like a little kid, eagerly sticking my neck out to view those bejeweled tall, twisted buildings that seem to touch the sky. Dubai is famous for the world’s tallest building, the most gigantic malls, and the largest indoor ski slope. Today I wish to redisover my previous trip to Dubai and also share some important tips for first-time travelers to Dubai.  Get a visa/ travel to Dubai Hop, skip and jump and you can reach Dubai in just two hours. Various air carriers…