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    An Easy Mango Dessert Recipe

    A Yummy Easy Mango dessert Recipe When the mango season arrives each year, I get very excited to try new puddings and Mango dessert. Flashback A few days back my husband came home with two big boxes of Alphonso mangoes. I love mangoes and wait for the mango season every year. Eat them with relish for breakfast and after dinner. I made some milkshake for the family which we all relished. but what was I going to do with so many of those? I still have a dozen left and now they have started to wrinkle. That’s when I started looking for interesting recipes using mangoes. Last year I tried…

  • Aam ka Panna recipe
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    Summer Coolant – AAM KA PANNA RECIPE

    Let’s make Aam ka Panna Recipe Summer is just around the corner and so is the season of mangoes. Summers are incomplete without Aam Ka Panna. In fact, everyone will love Aam Ka Panna. Making it every year is now a ritual.  It is done with lots of enthusiasm and excitement in our household. Only to enjoy its benefits and taste on a hot summers day. I love the distinct tangy flavour and the cool soothing effect it has to my nerves and body. It’s like an internal air conditioner. I love the sweet, sour and tangy taste, Simply Yummy…I make a huge quantity and store in bottles in the…

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    Parsi Sagan ni Sev Recipe

    Parsi Sagan ni Sev Recipe The Parsi Sagan ni Sev is a Parsi recipe of a sweet dish cooked up on special occasions like Navroze or birthdays. It is served with lots of fried nuts and a dollop of sweet curd. The preparation of Parsi Sev is slightly different from the regular one made in Indian homes. In a Zoroastrian household, all auspicious occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, ‘Sagan Ni  Sev’ is prepared without fail. It is served along with sweet curds and is eaten at breakfast. It is even distributed to the neighbours early morning so that they can savour it for breakfast. I prepared Sev on Jamshedji Navroze…

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    Quick and Easy Vermicelli Kheer Recipe

    Vermicelli Kheer Recipe A Vermicelli Kheer recipe is really easy and needs no occasion to be made. just an extra liter of milk in the fridge and it is an easy dish to make. This Vermicelli Kheer Recipe or Sevaiyan ki kheer, a very easy to make a sweet dish. . . . It is made with just a few basic ingredients and is worth a try! With ingredients that are readily available in the kitchen, it can be stirred up in a jiffy Voila!! Vermicelli Kheer Tayyar hai to serve and savor with pride. I decided to make Vermicelli kheer this Sunday, inspired by a picture put up on Twitter by the FBAI.…

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    My Eggless No Bake Mango Cheesecake

    No Bake Mango Cheesecake This dish reminds me of more and more of my love for mangoes. I love the less sweet version of any mango dessert.  I still smile at the memories of enjoying mongo ice cream with my sister when we were young.   However, my regular experimenting with ingredients in the kitchen made me try out the No bake Mango Cheesecake. It contains less sugar and is very easy to stir up.  here goes my simple and easy recipe for a  no-fuss, yummy, lip-smacking No-Bake Mango cheesecake. To maximize the flavour I have used Alphonso mangoes but you can use ready Mango puree too. Ingredients 1. Cream…

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    My Easy Eggless Tiramisu Recipe

    Have you tried making Easy Eggless Tiramisu Recipe? I really do not enjoy baking as it involves a lot of mixing, blending and cooking with right proportions. However, my love for making an Easy Tiramisu Recipe all began when I won a hamper from Godrej Nature Basket. It had all the ingredients including ladyfinger sponge biscuits and Mascarpone Cheese. I followed the recipe to the T …and It was a super hit with my family. Truly an Easy Tiramisu Recipe. When I went to visit my parents in Pune, I decided to repeat the performance but landed up by not getting some of the ingredients. I did a little research…