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    Pizza is Bae, Pizza saves your day.

    Are you a Pizza Lover? Very thoughtfully a foodie has coined the phrase “Pizza Lover” and now we all use it for our convenience. The question arises, why people around the world love eating pizza. I am guessing, it’s a combination of how the pizza smells, looks, and tastes. And also because of the way our taste buds have been developing with the change in food patterns and fast foods. , we love certain foods more than some others. That is the only reason People love eating Pizza because it is tasty and healthy too. But why does everyone love pizza? Let’s list down a few of the many reasons.…

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    Happy 50th Year Celebration- Pizza Express Menu

    Pizza Express Menu –  We love being a part of celebrations, this one was super special as it was my favourite pizza and Italian Food chain Pizza Express that was celebrating its 50 years journey. Pizza Express brings everyone the great tastes of Italy and expertly crafted pizzas to over 500 restaurants world over. THE INVITE- Few of us would not only be spending an evening sampling some scrumptious pizzas, pasta, starters, and drinks on the New Menu but also having the most awesome hands-on experience of making pizzas.   CHEF’S TABLE It was a packed event with enthusiastic bloggers. Head Pizzaiolo Uday arrived on the scene to speak to…