Plastic should be banned forever

We are all aware of the ill effects of plastic yet cannot completely do away with it. Alzheimer, obesity, cancer are only a few of the diseases you can contract on continuous usage of plastic. The struggle is on, how to go plastic free in the kitchen? How does one store food is the first question?  Common people were worried about the alternative of plastic as it really needs to be replaced from our kitchens in order to lead a healthy life. Ingredients become soggy, loose freshness, in fact almost all plastics contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to health. 

Ban Plastic

Vaya Preserve – the Alternative for Kitchen Plastic

The only way to be safe from plastic is to replace it! Last month we were on a redecorating spree and had decided to renovate the kitchen too. But as Plastic had high influence in our kitchen, it was not easy to find out the alternative for each item. According to our tradition kitchen values, stainless steel has always been the best metal to be used.

Vaya Presrve

Stainless steel is durable than plastic. Plus, it retains the food taste and has excellent heat transfer ability than any other metal. So I decided to replace the plastic from my kitchen into stainless steel. Then I came across Vaya, they have a beautiful range of all kitchen plastic storage replacement! From bottles, Tiffin, accessories as containers, cutlery, they have great options for everything!

Vaya Preserve

About Vaya Preserve

Vaya Preserve is a range of food storage container.

1. These are no less than a blessing for kitchen plastic storage replacement! Vaya Preserve is the best replacement of for those unhealthy plastic storage containers we always use. These have VacuTherm Technology that keeps your food hot or cold for 6 Hours*.

2. These Vaya Preserve have High-quality Stainless Steel body, have Leak-proof Lid with integrated gaskets and mainly made with BPA-Free Materials. With all this, these are stackable and soft-touch non-slip base!

3. Vaya Preserve is made of best in class materials for consumer food ware. The plastic components are made with Eco-friendly Bio-Polyester, which has high chemical and stain resistance. It is also a BPA free and FDA certified material. The metallic components use food grade Stainless Steel 304 which has high corrosion resistance to standard food product usage conditions.

4. What’s more, it comes with an A 1-Year Warranty too.

Vaya Preserve is a boon

As Christmas and New year is ahead of us, you can choose Vaya products as they are Perfect Gifting Options. Vaya items are flawless blessings since they keep sustenance/refreshments hot or chilled for quite a long time. The Vaya Preserve collection comes in two sizes- 500ml and 300ml. The Preserve metal body is dishwasher safe, however, the lids are not. They can be easily cleaned with a wet kitchen cloth. The Preserve is formulated to withstand bumps and scratches from everyday usage.

Vaya also offers a variety of products such as TyffynJumbo – Extra large lunchbox for a multicourse meal with Convenient collapsible handle, Heat-protective finger grip. Tyffyn Disney – a collaboration of Vaya and Disney. TyffynKids – Perfect for your Lil’ champs with features such as Slim body, Copper-coated stainless steel containers. Drynk – stylish stainless-steel water bottle.

The bottom line remains “Health is Wealth”. I just got wealthier while investing in my family’s good health by purchasing Vaya Preserve for my kitchen. You too, should throw away the cheap quality plastic and adopt a healthier lifestyle, like me. Welcome, Vaya Products for our home to secure our whole family’s health!

17 thoughts on “Vaya Preserve Best Alternative for Plastic Storage Containers”

  1. Wow, I loved Vaya preserve stainless steel boxes for storing food items. I too not use plastic in my kitchen as I prefer glass or steel bottles. I would surely love to buy Vaya boxes.

  2. This is such an important post! I’m definitely someone who uses plastic more than they should and I love that you’ve gone into such detail about a good alternative.

  3. I have almost eliminated plastic containers from my kitchen and moved back to glass and steel. And yes using vaya since last few years especially the tiffin box

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