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Vegetarianism in India has always been rooted in our Indian traditions. Nowadays, it’s gaining popularity among a number of people preferring vegetarian meals over non-vegetarian options due to reasons such as health & overall well being.  India has the highest percentage of vegetarians, and that’s not even really high.. It is just 31%, many of the countries around the world have simply 1~10% vegetarians.

Surfing the Net


Totally addicted to social media and blogging, I am a voracious net reader and this topic aroused my curiosity on World Vegetarian day. I discovered a fantastic site that gives you the best of all Indian Cuisines , here is the URL


About Dishcovery

In this website, I was delighted to find the multi-cuisined India in my kitchen. Be it ingredient history or an old earthen pot recipe, Dishcovery—the tell-all of kitchen tales—is just what you need by your side when you are cooking to please.

Dishcovery isn’t about quick-fix breakfast ideas or the mix-n-match Indo-Western menu card prevalent in every household. Instead, it is an effort to record and safe keep the authenticity secrets of Indian cuisines that have invigorated taste buds for centuries. It is about that one extra ingredient that a grandmother uses in her immaculate Sambhar, or that finely chopped garlic that you never knew existed in your mother’s Missi Roti.
So I have subscribed to Dishcovery and am discovering alot more than just Indian cuisine and ingredients.

Lots more than just recipes.

The site offers
1. Cuisines and dishes from all states of India. Browsing through each region and it’s recipes was a real delight. Just one click and they open up a pitara of secret ingredients and recipes that can help you serve up those authentic finger licking dishes.

Step by step to make you get the perfect Modak for Bappa

2. For Meal options you can discover the perfect combination of dishes to help you create an appetizing choice of meal.
3. Get it right for Dishcovery is a step by step guide of mastering your culinary skills to create your favourite dish. From a perfect shape of the modak to the authentic flavour of Rajma, this site just wants us to get it right.

Problem in the kitchen? Some quick fixes too.

4.  Lots of food gyaan for me to discover. It was fun to discover the history of some of the most popular ingredients and dishes through the ages.

Dishcovery to my  rescue


I learnt how to make Dhoklas too
veg blog 3
My perfect Spongy Dhoklas at tea time

My tale with dishcovery doesn’t end here. This was some time in August when I had to host a Kitty party for my vegetarian group of friends at home. I was very excited as now I had the added confidence to pep up my dishes with authentic flavours. It was a lavish lunch with some snacky items too. I decided on making some popular dishes, thankfully Dishcovery helped me plan my meal combinations and guided me with the recipe too. My Sunanda was delighted to cook for me. I am really thankful to Dishcovery for the Grand success of my Kitty Party. Its going to be the talk of town for a while especially my Mumbai style Pav Bhaji 🙂

My delicious Dal Pakwaan
Pav Bhaji total Mumbaiya Istyle

You can check out yourself. And Happy Vegetarianism to you.

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