Every visit to the Hilton Hotel is a new, enriching experience. The first sight of the beautiful Crystal Lounge took my breath away, it gave me the feeling of visiting a palace.
A perfect ambience with crystal chandeliers, comfortable sofas and lounge chairs, to top this, the magical charm of Hindi/English popular numbers being played on the piano. It was makes you feel warm and comfortable instantly and that’s what  makes The Hilton stand apart from other hotels.

People say we look like twins
People say we look like twins. Do we?

Seafood Festival at Imperial China


Dining at Imperial China
Dining at Imperial China is a beautiful experience

We were in for a delectable treat at Imperial China, Hilton Mumbai, a fine dining Chinese Restaurant. I got an opportunity to review the ongoing Seafood festival that started on 23rd October and is on till 4th November. My sister Farzeen Irani is a hardcore seafood fan, accompanied me that day. Totally in awe with the granduer and classic interior, Imperial China had its own charm. The wooden carvings, paintings, murals and especially the swinging paper fans on the ceiling caught my attention. Chef Mayanand Thakur – Sous Chef, greeted us at our table and took us through the regular and special seafood menu. I decided to let him serve us with pride, rather than decide what to order.

The dishes we tried that day

Appetizers and starters
On the dinning table for lunch
Anyone for a Dimsum?

1. Thai Sumai Dimsums – Such a delicately executed dish, the main feature is the wrapper, which has to be paper thin and the filling has to cooked in the right temperature. Each dimsum dazzled like a jewel. Savouring it with the three dipping sauces served, it took it to another level.

Thai Dimsums
Thai Dimsums

2. Imperial Fried Fish – Beautiful fresh Red Snapper that was batter fried and then sauteed in a spicy and sweet garlic sauce and garnished with some fresh greens. Really enjoyed the flavours going on in this dish.

Imperial Fried Fish
Imperial Fried Fish
Main course


main course dishes
Main Course is here

Scallops with Chilli and lime – Scallops have a delicate flavor that is complemented by strong seasonings, the dish presented to us had the true taste of authentic Chinese cuisine. The combination of the birds eye chilli and lime gave the tastebuds such an enjoyable punch. Loved the presentation of the scallops served on a bed of fresh baby bok choy. Take a bow Chef Mayanand.

Scallops with Chilli and lime
A wonderful dish

4. Smoked Prawns – Another stunning dish was this,and I am not saying this because I am a big prawn fan. Juicy and succulent spicy prawns, I did not miss my typical gravy dishes at all. Must add that the chicken fried rice was tasty and so soulful in every morsel.


Smoked Prawns
Loved the presentation here


spicy prawns

6. Fried Ice cream with fresh fruits and chocolate sauce –  I have had fried ice cream before. However this was by far the best one I have had. The exterior was crispy and hot while centre had cold ice cream. Served with chocolate sauce and finely chopped apples. Sweetannu recommends this dish strongly.


Fried Ice cream with fresh fruits and chocolate sauce

So don’t wait for the next food festival because the Seafood Festival is on till the 4th of November. Give your tastebuds a treat they never going to forget.Thank you Hilton Mumbai for your warm hospitality.


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  1. Heya!Always a treat to read ur write-up.Yes in the long shot u guys look like twins.The opulence of hilton is at another level.The sous chef thakar curates the menu is the best highlight.Be it jewel delicate dimsums,to sweet garlic sauce which looks tantalizing those scallops tht blow ur mind & who can resist anything smoked.Full marks to presentation.Take A Bow Chef.HappyEating!

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