Sunday Brunch at O:h Cha

Sunday is my day of relaxation, a day I usually get up late, unwind and  cook up a easy  family meal with rice and a gravy. However this Sunday was gonna be super special. This time round as I had accepted an invite for the Sparkling Casablanca  Sunday Brunch at O:h Cha, Lower Parel. I was all charged and geared to indulge in those dishes mentioned on the invite. Chef Rakesh Talwar was launching his new Sunday Brunch Menu. A sit down Sparkling Sunday Brunch (Rs. 2000 all inclusive + a glass of Casablanca sparkling wine).

Intriguing Interiors

Located in one of the by lanes of the Mathurdas Mills Compound, the entry was a bumby jerky experience and I thought my back would be in trouble again but Thank God for Valet parking the restaurant ” ALL IZZ WELL 🙂

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No sooner you enter are you greeted by a pleasant reception counter and hostess. I instantly loved the spacious interior with the high ceiling. Glad it was lunch time so I got to notice and admire the natural skylight filtering through the ceiling. The beautiful  traditional bamboo chandeliers hanging atop added to the fab decor.

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Sparkling Casablanca with yummy Welcome Appetizer- Krob Keam

Sparkling Casablanca 
A glass of wine was the first to arrive on the table. Casablanca befriended me on the first sip. A  pretty pale colour and a smooth delightful flavour. Casablanca Sparkling wine is  India’s first fully sparkling wine.  It’s made by Good Drop Wine Cellars at Vinchur Wine Park in Nasik. I must pay a visit to  their vineyard next time I visit Nasik on tour to Shirdi. Couldn’t help checking out their fab display and array of wine bottles in  the reception area.

The range of Casablanca Sparkling wines



Finger licking food
When you are invited for a buffet one pictures endless counters of food and live stations but surprisingly to my delight this was a sit down buffet and the food would come to us. Yippeee!!

So now for some pictures and added description of all those yummy dishes devoured by SweetAnnu. I have ranked the dishes in order of my personal favourite in taste from 1 to 6 for the starters.

Rank 1- This  Stir Fried Tofu with Sriracha was the top contender, loved the well coated and flavoursome Tofu. A perfect Thai Starter for me.

Stir Fry Tofu with Sriracha


Rank 2-  Soft thin chicken Satay slices with the perfect marinate. Just with two bites I had a clean stick and was licking my fingers.

use 10
Chicken Satay

Rank 3- Not a big Bruschetta fan however this one I loved as it as it stood out for its uniqueness and pleasant basil flavour.

Holy Basil Chicken Bruschetta

Rank 4- The whiff of prawn when I opened the little the bamboo basket was exciting, further more it was steamed to perfection and had a lovely prawn flavour.

Prawn Chive Dumpling

Rank 5- The spicy raw papaya salad Som Tom was refreshing, light and full of zing. Sweet, sour and spicy just like my sweet Blogger friend Riya 🙂

use 15
Som Tom Salad

Rank 6-  Chicken Gyoza was different, steamed and then pan fried. Very enjoyable as the filling melted away with one bite. I had a second as one was not enough. Too yummy for my tummy 😀

use 13
Chicken Gyoza

Some of the starters that didn’t hit the Bulls eye for me that afternoon, nonetheless you might want to try.


use 12
Vegetable Chive Dumpling


Asian Mushroom Vol-au-vent


Sweet Corn Patty


use 14
Fried Lemon Grass Chicken

Must have Main Course
With a stomach full of starters it was now time for main course.  We had French Bean Chilli Bean, Four Friends, Thai Green Curry, Pad Kra Prow Kai, Steamed Dory Lemon Chilli Garlic, Steamed Jasmine Rice and Pad Thai Noodles. My favourite was the Pad Thai noodles because the noodles were well cooked and embeded with Thai flavours. It was exciting to slurp it up. My not so favourite was the Thai curry, only wish it was more dense and creamy.

use 17
Pad Thai Noodles
use 16
Four Friends, French Bean Chilli Bean , Pad Kra Prow Kai and Steamed Jasmine Rice
use 18
Green Curry Vegetable



Droolworthy Desserts

We started with the Tub Tim Krob, I quite liked it unlike some bloggers on my table. It was pleasantly nice, it had pieces of jackfruit and water chestnuts. It was not very sweet at all. I could have easily had another one.

use 19
Tub Tim Krobe

Ooh La La,  Orange, Lemon Grass and Honey Sorbet was refreshing, delicate on the palate and had distinct flavours of orange, honey and lemon grass. A perfect blended concoction. Kudos to Chef Rakesh Talwar on this magical dessert creation.

use 20
Orange, Lemon Grass and Honey Sorbet

We had the Gooey Chocolate Cake but it wasn’t the gooiest I have had.

goey chcoc mousse cake
Goey Chocolate Mousse Cake

The  Lemon Grass Crème Brulee  was my least liked dessert. Something about the taste and texture was not right. I could be wrong but this is entirely my view on this dessert served that day.

use 8
Lemon Grass Crème Brulee


Yummy,  It was Served chilled, and that did the trick.

use 9
Home made sticky Sticky Rice & Mango Ice cream
use 1
Signature Pose by Chef Rakesh Talwar and the team of bloggers

The service was tad bit slow but I am not complaining as I got to catch up with my girly food bloggers and enjoy the old numbers being played on the saxophone. The servers were courteous and attentive especially the one who filled up my Sparkling wine glass again. I’d highly recommend this place if one is in the Lower Parel area wanting to savour  some delectable Pan-Asian Cuisine. Secondly If Sunday Brunch is on your mind  then head to O:H CHA and go OH WAAH!!!

use 3

The sit down Sparkling Sunday Brunch (Rs. 2000 all inclusive + a glass of Casablanca sparkling wine).


Unit 1, New Mahalaxmi Silk Mills Premises, Mathurdas Mills Compound,
N M Joshi Marg,
Next to Blue Frog,
Maharashtra 400013

(  SweetAnnu was invited  to review the Sunday Brunch and dined there on invitation)

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